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Industrial cleaning cloths

We strive to meet our customers' expectations by offering a wide range of cleaning cloths. Regardless of the profile of activity or branch of industry, we offer perfect cleaning, wiping and polishing solutions. Our offer includes two basic types of products: multifunctional and specialist cleaning cloths.

Multifunctional cleaning cloths are composed of viscose and polyester fibers in various proportions. Carefully selected and composed fibers make this type of cleaning cloths ideal for use in production plants, where high standard of hygiene with respect to production and labor is a must. Multifunctional cleaning cloths are extremely durable both wet and dry, as well as very economical. They significantly facilitate work, which is a key factor in production processes. Our wide selection of cleaning cloths guarantees adequate working tools for everyone. The versatile cleaning cloths are highly effective and efficient thus allowing to achieve satisfactory results in shorter working time.

Specialist cleaning cloths are composed of polyester and cellulose fibers in various proportions. These products are very absorbent and do not create dust - the fact proven by the research conducted by the Institute of Polymers and Chemical Fibers. They are ideal for production plants where high level of cleanliness is especially important.

All our cleaning cloths are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

What is the secret behind the superiority of our products over traditional cleaning materials, such as recycled cotton or cardboard cleaning cloths?

  • Non-woven cleaning cloths are very absorbent
    and easily remove any dirt.
  • They do not create dust, nor do they leave
    smudges on the cleaned surface.
  • Unlike recycled cleaning cloths, our products maintain high quality and constant parameters under any conditions.
  • Good quality to price ratio has
    a direct impact on lower production costs.
  • Our selection includes cleaning cloths in all sizes
    and formats you might need.
  • Our products are acclaimed by users operating in metal processing, food, polygraphic, varnish manufacture and cosmetics industries.

We always treat our customers individually. The sizes of rolls and wipes can be tailored to our customer's needs, as customer satisfaction is a goal we always pursue.

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